Pro’s & Con’s of Digital Art

If you are considering using Digital Art as one of your mediums, you are probably wondering what the Pros and Cons are. Digital Art has plenty of Pros and Cons that you should consider. In this post, I am going to go over the list I made.



Converting to Digital Art allows you to be extremely portable. This, in my opinion is the biggest Pro. If you want to sketch on the couch, or paint plein air, digital art allows you to create your next masterpiece with only a couple of tools. If you were to paint en plein air you would need an easel, a stool, all your brushes and paints, water, etc. With digital painting, all you need is your computer/tablet and the pen, and your off to the races. For me, I am constantly on the go. The fact I can take my art and work comfortably anywhere, including my desk is amazing!

All in One:

This goes with portability, but depending on the program you decide to use, you can ultimately have every tool at your finger tips. With sketchbook Pro, I have markers, pencils, paints and more. I have rules, circle guides, perspective guides, and a whole boast of other useful tools, that we as artists rely on daily. This is all packed into one place, making it convenient to create wherever you go with next to no limits or compromise.

Easy to Learn Programs: 

Depending on what program you decide to go with, most of the programs are very easy to learn. Of course the more complex the program, the steeper the learning curve. I can say with confidence that there are several resources available to you to help you learn your program of choice.

Endless Supplies:

Having an endless amount of supplies allows me to experiment freely and focus on my creativity. With Digital Art, you are not wasting supplies, which allows you to create and experiment with a clear and open mind.

It Can Be Cheaper Than Traditional Drawing and Painting: 

I think it is safe to say that living in the society we live in today, most everyone has a computer or tablet that they use to use for homework, or for surfing the web. To get a computer capable of running your digital art programs will not cost that much extra.

The programs available range greatly in price. There are programs out there that are free to use, and there are some you have to pay for.

My main setup for drawing and painting is quite cheap. I paid less than $500.00 CAD. I also take into consideration that I would have at least a tablet, even if I didn’t draw, so this is not a significant amount to me. The cost of pencils, papers, rulers, paints would quickly exceed that amount.


Battery Life:

With a sketchbook, you can go for hours and hours, and never have to worry about stopping. With Digital Art, you are limited to the battery life of your device.

On my tablet, I can get about 6 hours out of the battery, and the device is almost 4 years old. My laptop is a gaming laptop, therefore has a poor battery life. I consider myself lucky if I get more than 2 hours out of it.

If you are thinking about starting digital art, do your research on all of your device options battery lives. There are laptops and tablets on the market that get upwards of 10 hours.

Digital Painting Can Be Expensive:

The cost of Digital Painting is both a Pro and a Con. Sure you can get setup for a fairly small amount, but you can also spend thousands of dollars if you want to.

If you decide you want a Cintiq for example, that can cost over 1000 dollars. Programs can also get pricey. Again, this all depends on what you decide your setup will be.

If You Sell, Your Art Prices Will Drop:

Unfortunately, there is a stigma out there about Digital Art being fake, or “cheating.” Since you will not have an “original”, people will tend to pay less for your art. If you are strictly drawing and painting as a hobby, and selling your art is not your goal, then this will not be an issue.

For me, the ability to be so portable, and have every tool available to me at my finger tips definitely out weighs the cons. I can experiment with new techniques as I please, because I do not have to worry about being wasteful. The programs nowadays are very lifelike and are getting better at mimicking traditional mediums.

Let me know in the comments what some of your Pros and Cons are of Digital Art.

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