Drawing a River Rock Scene

Hey guys!

In today’s post, I have my first ever speed drawing video!

I do apologize in advance. I rotate the canvas a lot while I am drawing, and when sped up, it is a little disorienting. I will make sure to rotate the tablet, not the canvas for future videos! I still wanted to post it for you to see though, so here it is.

This drawing exercise came from Lee Hammonds “Draw Animals in Nature” book. I was shopping around Michael’s with my sister looking for a book on animal drawing when I came across this book. I opened it, and felt instantly mesmerized by the artwork. I have always admired Lee Hammonds artwork, but there was something extra special about these pieces. I was amazed that she was able to achieve such realism with just a pencil, eraser, and blender. I was inspired, and could not wait to get home and start drawing.

Graphite was one of my main mediums when I was doing traditional art. I really enjoyed working in black and white and focusing on the values and contrast. I was curious to find out how my skills in traditional graphite drawing would translate to digital graphite drawing. I was pleasantly surprised to find all of my skills were transferable, and thanks to Sketchbook Pro’s amazing drawing tools, it all felt very similar.

For this drawing, I used the Primary Pencil, the Textured Eraser, and the Smudge Pen that come built in the mobile version of Sketchbook Pro. I did make some modifications to each of those tools to feel more natural for me. I suggest you play with the tools to find settings that suite your style best. For the primary pencil, I played with a couple of textures and settled on one that had some bumps, but was generally a little bit smoother. I then played with the pressure settings to change the amount of color that appeared on the canvas, based on how much pressure I was putting on my pencil. For the Textured Eraser, I applied the same texture that I used on the Primary Pencil, and played with the opacity while I did my drawing based on how much I wanted the eraser to clear off of the canvas. I don’t think I went above 15% opacity at any point in my drawing. For the Smudge Pen, I applied the same texture that I used on the Primary Pencil, and played with the Smudge Strength. I didn’t go above 10% smudge.

I have made a goal for myself to complete every exercise in this book. I think books are most effective when you follow through with all of the instructions in the order they are written. The writers organize these books the same way they would organize a class. So stay tuned for future exercises from this book, as well as my full review on this book once I have completed every exercise!

Thanks for checking this out, and stay tuned for more digital drawing tutorials, reviews, and speed drawings!


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