Keri’s Sketchbook Pro Pencil Tools

Hey guys! If you would like to use the same tools I use to create my drawings in the Desktop version of Sketchbook Pro, then you have come to the right place! Please follow the download instructions to add my Brush Library to Sketchbook Pro on your computer. (Note: This file is can only be downloaded for the Desktop Versions of Sketchbook Pro. If you would like to know more about the brushes I use in the mobile application, you can find more information in this blog post: Using Pencils In Sketchbook Pro)

First you must download this file. It is a ZIP file which contains four brushes.

Keri’s Drawing Tools

Once you have downloaded it, you must locate it in your files. (My test download sent it to the download folder under the user file). Once you have found it, right click the icon, and click “Extract”. It will extract the files, and will appear as a “Sketchbook SKBRUSHES Image File”. Hover your cursor over the tile to verify this is the file type.

Once you have verified it is the right file type, you can double click it, which will cause your computer to launch Sketchbook Pro. If you scroll through your Brush Library, you should find the four new brushes at the bottom of the library.

If you run into any problems, please send me a private message or comment on this post! Any errors and solutions will be posted below this post!

As I build more brushes, I will be sure to add them here!

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