Grid Method

In this post, I demonstrate the technique that I use to create a grid in the Android version of Sketchbook Pro to create my initial sketches.

Keri’s Sketchbook Pro Pencil Tools

I have made the tools I use in Sketchbook Pro available for a free Download. These tools were built to closely resemble traditional pencil drawing!

Getting to know Sketchbook Pro Android

Since the release of the latest version of Sketchbook Pro on mobile devices, this app has quickly become my go to digital art station! Today, I thought I would show you the basics of Sketchbook Pro 4.0 for Android to get you started! In the main User Interface, everything is placed in compact menus that…… Continue reading Getting to know Sketchbook Pro Android

Pro’s & Con’s of Digital Art

If you are considering using Digital Art as one of your mediums, you are probably wondering what the Pros and Cons are. Digital Art has plenty of Pros and Cons that you should consider. In this post, I am going to go over the list I made. Pros; Portability: Converting to Digital Art allows you…… Continue reading Pro’s & Con’s of Digital Art